Fashion | December 13, 2018

Let Your Wrist do The Talking

designer watches for women

Did you know that wearing a gracious timepiece in hand, can  reveal a lot about your personality?

Keep Reading until you know your personality type!

If you love to wear bright or light shaded watches, then most likely, you are to love floral dresses, believes in novel romance and fall under the happy-go-lucky category.

Whereas, if leather straps are your go-to-picks, it reflects how stabile and practical your approaches are.

And the sophisticated divas, who love to flaunt studded dials with steel straps, represent the attributes of an elegant girl who loves a little drama in life.

If you're on a quest to find the the trendiest designer watches for women online,

Then you’re at the right place.

This season, we are seeing a lot of lady love for broad dials with mechanic detailing (item 7),  preference of thin leather straps over metal straps and multi-coloured, studded dials.

You can even buy a similar, more affordable piece, directly from the links mentioned below your favourite watch trend.

Happy Shopping!!

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