Beauty | May 14, 2018

Keeping Up With The Eye Trend

latest beauty trends for women

This is one trend that every woman out there should follow. Highlighting your inner circle would emphasize your eyes and give volume to them making them look super chic.

All that glitters is not gold but adding this glitter would definitely make you gold. Glitter will add that extra edge to your look and make you shine. This is the ‘here to stay’ trend of 2018.

This is the quickest way to inject some colour in your look. It does not require any techniques or expertise but is very easy and simple way to look glamours.

Glossy lips can never be not trending. Just a tint of glow is enough to highlight the lips. While opting for this trend, keep your make up basic so that lips are the focus.

The hairstyle once limited to corporate affair is going places. Slick back hair can be achieved with a top knot bun, a high ponytail or by leaving them open. Experiment with different hairstyles to follow this trend.

While glitter dominate the eyes and hair space, face remains dewy and satiny to showcase the ethereal beauty. The golden shimmer gives the skin a much needed radiance.

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