Fashion | April 11, 2019

Dress Trend: LWD

Though the LBD (little black dress) has been a tried-and-tested favorite for decades, the LWD (little white dress) has entered the sartorial scene in recent years and given the LBD a run for its money. Gone are the days When us girls saved the white dress for The Day. When we’d meet the special one and had the best excuse to drape ourselves in white for one whole day.  Fast forward to 2019 we need no excuses to don white on a plain day. Hell we can be queens for weeks in a row without having to plan our whole lives ahead, around wearing a white dress

And how do we look chic in an LWD - here’s some inspiration for your summer wardrobe and beyond.

6. Dress that screams “I am on vacation”

12. For breezy beach days

15. “Running errands” ensemble

Wearing white in the hot season is anything but radical, yet remains a staple look. A trend that is always IN and summer appropriate. It’s a classic but not too been-there-done-that.  During the hottest summer days nothing says “cool” like crisp white attire.

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