Cafe | April 25, 2019

Is It Time You Put Down Your Phone?

It’s truly a rare sight to see the screens of our smartphones, completely dark for more than a minute. The digital age has been a boon no doubt. But it has also made life too overbearing and dependent on technology.

If you are tired of staring at your laptop screen all the time, you should know it’s time for a digital detox. In his new book, ‘Log Off: How to Stay Connected after Disconnecting’, author Blake Snow explained how the over-use of the internet created problems in his life and how he overcame it - "I used to work 11-hour weekdays and half-day Saturdays, and I was mentally consumed with work for much of the remainder”.

Once we unlock our cellphone screens it becomes impossible to do our office work as we can’t stay away from social media. Most of us have the habit of constantly updating the world with what’s happening in our lives on social media and that makes us stay glued to our screens.

Here’s how to start a digital detox tour:

The uninstall feature - Just uninstall the social media apps and you’ll see a lot of time being saved. You can also uninstall news apps as well. Reading a book or a newspaper rather than reading the same story on your tablet also adds to the detox regimen.

Anything not pertaining to the essential things in your life like family, friends, health and work should be deleted, or at least kept away when you are on a detox. That means no notifications, no uploading snippets of your life, no texting, no scrolling the social media feeds. Use voicemail or call during emergencies. You can also try using the ‘airplane’ mode in your laptops and smartphones.  

Oftentimes, people have a tendency to glamourise their lives, as a way of showing off. Sometimes staying busy is easier than making hard decisions or socialising.

Levi Felix, the co-founder of Digital Detox and Camp Grounded, which runs tech-free weekend getaways for adults, told Shape Magazine, “Every new notification or text triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that drives us to seek rewards, so you keep coming back for more.”  

You must have other activities to distract you. If you are ever on a digital detox, your stress levels will instantly lower down and the pressure of keeping up with your friends on social media will be decreased drastically. Ultimately, when you feel that you have overdosed on digital media and apps, that is when you really need a detox.