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Top Hair Stylists for every Flower Child

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‘Remember, it is not the box or the bottle that does the work, it is the hands and mind using the colour that is the key. ’ Rick Wellman

We absolutely agree with him. That’s the reason we see so much difference in hair colour even if we use the same products at home. Adding on, there can be so much difference, even between professionals, so it’s always better to get your hair colour done by the best in the business.

So, here we have listed top 5 best hair stylists in India who are adored even by the Bollywood A-listers. They are known for the flawless hair they give to all their clients. Each of them has their own signature style. Read on to know more.

1. Naina gunjikar

Naina has to be Bangalore’s most adored hairstylist. With a league of “unicorn” girls, Naina is turning this big beautiful city to a mosaic of gradient mixed colours and cuts. Known for her stunning blues and purple gradients, Naina specializes in big, bold colour, and not just for Instagram, although we wouldn’t mind being featured (wink*)!`

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Intergalactic Chaos!

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Texturize your hair with a light hold hair spray.

2. Rod Anker

A little bit notorious and badass, 2012 Vogue colourist of the year, Rod Anker’s hair looks are more than just a haircut. He’s the voice of hair. Rod believes your hair should match your personality, where his Instagram clearly shows. For Rod, hair is a way of life, an expression of your alternate personality. With looks that show the modern free spirit.

Copy Rod’s look!

Beach waves! How Rod would do them!

Cut smooth layers with shears when you can cut your hair at home!

Get Rod’s hair vibes with a wig! For days you want a drastic change.


Known as India’s “most awesome,” Sapna’s Mad ‘O’ Wot hair salon has to be the cutest little hideaway salon in Bandra. Not only is the location just right, but what they believe in is also: self-love and confidence. We’re all for hairstylists that know how to make you feel good from the inside out, and Sapna captured that philosophy just right. One of the coolest ideas they’ve come up with is the “rickshaw hair:” your hair after you’ve traveled in an autorickshaw. Quite unique I must say.

Get your hair done and build your curves


Zeeba’s Why Not hair salon is where the “northside” girls go, aka, women with class. Zeeba believes women should own their hair, maintaining its natural texture and playing around a little bit natural colour, possibly enhancing or livening up dull hair. It’s about keeping it real and super classy. We love that Zeeba pays attention to natural hair’s potential: healthy and happy.

5. Purshottam Hans

Purushottam Hans is one of India’s most famous Celebrity Hair Stylist hairdressers you just have to follow on the Gram. He’s styled celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, and Janhvi Kapoor. What’s his secret? Keeping it classic Bollywood. We’re seeing 90’s influences of vintage Bollywood, such as big bold red lips, curls, and massive volume of course! Volume is going to be huge this year, much like Victoria’s Secret runway hair. The key is to tease the hair and slightly comb out the frizziness, maintaining the volume.

Give your hair a high-end finish with a thickener serum

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