Poptrends | July 17, 2019

ICYMI- The Chic Snakeskin Is Here & You Should Get With It!

New Fashion Shoes

If you’re an online shopper like me or someone who spends hours on the gram, you’ve probably noticed that Snakeskin is a big deal right now! We are starting to see it bloom everywhere and now’s the time to get in on this reptilian trend. Since we’ve already accepted snakeskin print into our lives as an alternative leopard skin, then why not swap those leopard spots for this chic print?

Here’s how you can slither into some snakeskin outfits and accessories with 21 on-trend items-

Since Snake Print is actually neutral as a shade, that makes it go with almost everything!

FYI - It looks really chic in the form of pants and dresses

For that extra oomph, grab these snakey shoes and bags!

If the pattern isn’t ‘#Lewk’ enough for you, It comes in bright colours, neons and bright reds too.

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