How you can save more by shopping smart

How you can save more by shopping smart

Women (and men) have flaws, and that’s totally fine. It’s normal to be a bit plumpy there and a little loose there. What it really comes down to is how you dress for your body type so that you don’t feel bad about the way you look. Identifying what your body looks like - where your curves are, where you’re narrower, what you want to show off or hide, is the best place to start when dressing for your body. For example, a woman with wider hips and narrow ankles will want to balance her ankle size to her hips. She’d shop for high-waisted straight-cut pants to align and elongate the frame. If her top portion is heavy, she can layer looser tops to bring an illusion of balance to the silhouette. 

New fashion trends change up the silhouette, but finding what works for your body is what matters. For example, asymmetrical lines can make you look chic or slutty, so fine lines ghat complement your age and your favourite features. The latest fashion for women allows more structure, movement, sizes and colours to suit everyone. When styling beneath dresses for women, find cuts and trims that cinch the waist if you’re tummy is a problem area. Be sure to iron all your clothes before heading out, this includes office outfits for ladies, women shirt tops, and all other formal clothes for ladies

Look 1: The right pair of jeans

When you get a muffin top, it’s because your jeans are too tight or too low. It’s not because you’re “fat.” if you’re curvier waist down, you want to pick out high-waist jeans in a darker wash to subdue your curves and bring balance to your top half.  If you’re leaner at the bottom, go with a light wash, low rise denim. Also, never dry your stretchable jeans in the dryer, hang them to dry.

Look 2: Metal match

Another important detail to look at is the hardware detailing in your outfit. Make sure all your metals (zippers, jewellery, the hardware on your handbags, buckles, etc) are all matching. This tiny detail can make you look uniquely put-together.

Look 3: Ironing and depiller

It’s important to iron out wrinkles and de-pill your sweaters, trousers and other lint-catching material.

Look 4: Monochrome

To look instantly expensive, match all your clothes to one colour, playing around with texture only.