How to wear the fashionable leg of mutton sleeve

How to wear the fashionable leg of mutton sleeve

The leg of mutton sleeve, aka, the gigot sleeve,  was born in the late 1800s worn by several princesses and older noblewomen. The French aristocrats and dancers would also wear an oversized leg of mutton sleeve with a cinched corset so their bodies would look completely irregular. It’s the perfect old lady blouse for ladies who love a professional and dressy look. 

Through designers like Balenciaga, the leg of mutton sleeve became very dignified and stylish for the modern woman. It was the “it” look of the early 1900s. By design, the puffed sleeve brings a sense of authority and vigor to the business woman who wears it. It’s a must-have fashion piece for office wear, parties, and vintage medieval looks for casual days. 

The 90s had a slimmer sleeve to balance the natural contours of the woman’s body. It still brought a sense of superiority and influence on power dressing. The SS20 look regenerates the pretty leg of mutton sleeve, reviving the retro 90s and 50s yet again.

Look 1: Victoria

This look is almost completely reminiscent of the 1800s birth era of the gigot sleeve.

Look 2: The 40s and 90s

The leg of mutton sleeve kept coming back into trend over the last few decades. The 90s were about slicked-back hair, neon, and drama, while the 40s were about glamour and class. Pair with formal white shirts, suits, black dress, trendy tops, and tailored black blazers.

Look 3: Boho Queen

A very sultana look, the boho-inspired leg of mutton ensemble adds an element of tribalism.

Look 4: The Curator fashionista

This look is inspired by a woman who knows her personal style and will combine several pieces into one look to convey a message.

Look 5: Radical

For the future of the gigot sleeve, we’re seeing elements of panels, cut-up pieces of fabric and loose ends combined to create a look.

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