How to wear the best makeup palettes this year

How to wear the best makeup palettes this year

‘Tis the season of makeup palettes. With the season approaching, almost every makeup artist, influencer, or YouTuber have launched their own rendition of beauty in a box. Behind every palette is a dream, a culture, or a look used as an inspiration. 

The truth is, you do not need more makeup palettes. As a makeup artist, that might sound absurd. But creatively, you can mix unique and personalised colours using what you have already. If you’re not an artist, don’t fear. We’ll show you what we think is a must-have for anyone who loves makeup. 

When creating a look, it’s best to create an entire atmosphere around your makeup. This season, we have tons of colours and the best textures to play with.

Look 1: The 90s Disco Purple

The 90s is huge this season, so feel free to play with all things 90s, especially the iridescent purple. We’re envisioning Thierry Mugler’s bold evening looks for this one. Mix-and-match your makeup palette throughout the eyes, blending lighter violets on your cheekbones, and bolder purples on your lips.

Look 2: The Rusts, Roses, and Reds

Rust is another huge trend this season. It’s very Goodwill Hunting, with shades and memoirs of an autumn evening in Boston. We’re picturing a hot coffee, autumnal leaves, and the warmth of Christmas around the corner.

Look 3: Skin

As we’ve moved into minimalism, the skin is also important. It’s the healthy, glowy, radiant skin we all desire. It starts with good skincare and blending of concealers and foundations suited to match your skin tone exactly.

Look 4: Transulence

While we play with colours, keeping in mind texture is also key to achieving the FW2019 look. We’re in love with the ultra-femme body look: sheer fabrics, hints of colour and tons of shimmer.

Look 5: Atomic No. 10

The idea of Atomic Number 10 is the chemical reaction of elements, or in our case, the mix of neon fluidity.

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