How to wear runway’s hottest colour: Saffron

How to wear runway’s hottest colour: Saffron

The new saffron colour this season is all the fiery rage on the catwalks this season. It’s about creativity, energy and optimism. Pantone colour 14-1064 is the exact colour we’re going to take a look at. Pantone released twelve new shades for the designers earlier this year, and we are hopeful for this jewel-toned pops of colour. 

The arrangement of all the colours looks bold, inviting, daring, yet familiarly comfortable. The mustard yellow, the saffron colour, and pastel yellow are going to be innovative for upcoming trends. Saffron and flame scarlet are two bold colours you can’t miss. Literally, every stockist will carry these infamous colours for the next few months. 

The idea of saffron is very oriental, reminding us the colours used this season are spicy, almost diversifying the East. 

Look 1: Dimensional

The velvet blend of a royal colour and saffron, Pantone’s trending colours for the runway merge together to create a jewel-tone effect.

Look 2: The East

With velvet, creating a mirage on your clothes is what saffron is about this year. It’s the idea of the Orient- mysterious and enchanting.

Look 3: Fall Colours

For simpler, Western-inspired style, try saffron for Autumn.

Look 4: Evening

Saffron makes for a great colour choice for evening parties and gatherings. Try velvet or satin for a warmer, shimmery effect.

Look 5: Versace’s saffron

Versace did a saffron