How to wear longline tops for women

How to wear longline tops for women

The longline is a type of trend in styling that identifies longer cuts in shirts and tops. Instead of a regular cut shirt, a longline shirt is cut longer to create a longer, leaner silhouette. This trend is huge for the Fall/Winter transition into spring. Not only can you wear it to work, but you can try the longline trend anywhere. It’s great for hiding the midsection with straighter cuts that actually elongate your body. For summer outfits, the longline can be worn as cascading dresses or soft layering in cardigans. 

Party wear dresses for girl can feature a longline cover-up sweater or jacket to tone down your look. The trend look stunning for winter looks for women when you pair a legging, an oversized tee and a longline sweater dress. The latest fashion for women is the casual-chic athleisure trend incorporating the longline tee as part of its look.

Look 1: Ready for resort


This look reminds us of Italy. 

Look 2: The comfort blanket


While many would say to get rid of your comfort blanket, sometimes in fashion, it’s totally chic.

Look 3: Bip’s emo plaids


Bipasha knows how to look casual, yet skater girl. 

Look 4: The plain white tees


Sometimes all you need is a plain white tee and some heels

Look 5: Black is ultra slimming

Kendall knows the front line in fashion

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