Pop Girl | March 08, 2019

How to Look like JLo

JLo doesn’t seem to age, with her perfectly flawless dewy skin and that rockin’ body. How does she shape up, other than working out of course?

1. Her signature highlight

Here’s some of JLo’s hottest looks, and she’s all about the glam.

JLo’s skin is amazing. But we can achieve the look with a full coverage foundation and highlight.

2. Her signature golden locks

To get JLo’s stunning locks, be sure to refresh your hair biweekly for fresh, radiant colour and gloss. To get the colour, try:

3. Her classic Bronx hoops

Anyone who knows JLo, knows she loves her hoops. Hoops go with most outfits, and pairing hoops with a classic high ponytail is the Jenny from the Block look!

4. Her stage looks

Her performance costumes are to die for, and honestly we’re taking fashion inspo from women like JLo and Beyonce when it comes to stage attire.

5. Her Glam Shades

One of the most noticeable looks about JLo’s style is her shades. Sometimes with the right combo of her clothes, hairstyle and makeup, the shades is a dead giveaway to JLo’s classic look.

6. JLo holds it down for her Bronx look

With matching tracksuit and hoodie looks, it’s almost distinguishable that it’s a classic JLo look.

7. She’s always dripping in glitter

Some gowns and cut-out dresses are so Jlo. it’s her timeless Grammy winning look!

When it comes to celebrity fashion, classic details make or break the look. JLo is known for her rich golden high pony, and hoodies with chains. Hoops add to the look, keeping that Puerto Rican vibe. With tanned skin and glam outfits, we’re that much closer to getting JLo’s look.

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