Cafe | April 17, 2019

How to deal with co-workers on social media

Social media has its share of positive and negatives. On one hand, it helps us stay connected, while on the other hand, it can be overindulging and can potentially ruin relationships. When it comes to dealing with co-workers on social media, a lot of questions come to mind. Should you be friends with your boss on Facebook and Instagram, knowing very well that they will get all updates of what you are doing when not at work?

With so many different platforms, social media can get complicated. Most people use them every day and with a lot of time invested, it can be hard to keep track of which ones you can use for your professional advantage and which ones you can’t. Understanding work relationships, while at the office, is tricky. Bringing them to your personal world can make things more confusing.

The solution? Totally depends  what you want. If you are on friendly terms with your boss and colleagues, you don’t need to hesitate while adding them on social media. If not, there’s no hardcore rule that you have to send them requests, just because you know them.

Sometimes, it just so happens that the industry you are, in requires that you add your boss(es) on Facebook as they can give you access to some social media based compant administrative privileges. During such cases, you need to lay down some ground rules as to what to post. The customization feature on social media platforms comes in handy during such times.

If you have already added someone you wish to remove, it's better that you don’t. You never know what it might lead to. It’s always advisable to learn how to limit who can see what you post. Before hitting on that ‘follow’ request, ask yourself why you’re connecting with your peers virtually and if it is really necessary.