Head-to-toe monochromatic

Head-to-toe monochromatic

The monochromatic look, defined as a head-to-toe look in one shade of colour, is a tricky game to play. If done incorrectly, it can be a bit of a fail. While we love the idea of keeping an entire outfit one shade of colour, you can choose variations in hues and tints of the shade you choose to keep your look interesting. 

We’re loving the idea of finding neutral shades that compliment your skin tone while playing around with textures. When playing with silhouettes, make sure it balances your figure. You don’t want allover bagginess without some cinch somewhere. 

For these looks, we’re going to stick to one shade and play around with variations in texture and silhouette.

Look 1: Blues Clues

This allover blue look is perfect for the office, meetings, special events and more. It’s the colour of the season. Mix and match with textures and silhouettes.

Look 2: Sparkle and shine

You can use any colour to play around with shimmer and shine. Keep all the tones and hues the same shade and have fun with it.

Look 3: Transparent grey

We chose to go transparent with this look because of the endless possibilities in layering. You can choose any neutral colour of your choice to add interest to your look. Play with chiffons, sequins, and transparent jewellery to match.

Look 4:

We’re loving muted tones this season, so we picked out rust as the colour of the season. It suits most skin tones and adds a western tribal vibe.

Look 5: Greys

Grey is another huge hit this season because of its neutrality. It adds so much drama and simplicity at the same time.

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