Beauty | May 22, 2018

Haircut Frame

Just the right amount of length and style to kill the summer blues, suits not just the sleek straight hair, but also wavy curly hair.

Bring back the 70s when going for this hairstyle. It has can inner and outer swoop depending on what is the size and shape of your face.

Go short this summer and embrace those beautiful curls without much maintenance. This is one style which will make you look every inch a chic.

No, this won’t make you look like a baby. The random bangs will enhance your frame and make your look stylish.

A must go for hairstyle; similar to beach waves or shorter and more subtle waves. It goes well for every kind of face shape.

A subtle side bang covering a part of your face is an excellent way to go. Whether curly, wavy or straight, this is a universal look.

Curly is lovely! Soft dreamy curls looks awesome when messy, the least maintained look.

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