Golden Globes Awards: Our 5 favorite Standout Trends

Golden Globes Awards: Our 5 favorite Standout Trends

The 2020 Award season has finally kicked off. 2020 is all about going big and bold with your style. The evening was the perfect showcase of the trends one will be seeing in the coming year 2020, from the solid colors, the white and black combination gowns, off-shoulder gowns, puffy sleeves, bursts of neon colors, chokers and strapless gowns.

Below, the five styles that truly stood out, many of which are sure to stick around throughout the rest of awards season.

#1. Statement Shoulders

Go big or go home. That was the vibe on the red carpet. From fluffy pastels to pleats and balloon sleeves, it was all about making a statement.

#2. Off-the-Shoulder

What better way to show some skin while keeping it classy in an off-shoulder neckline.

#3. Highlighter Hues

These bright and preppy pinks were a favorite at the red carpet.

#4. Tiers of Tulle

We can’t stop drooling over these soft, feminine tulle. These celebs wore a tiered, layered look that gave princess vibes.

#5. Plunging V-neck

These celebs know when it comes to red carpet looks, unexpected style are the name of the game and  some double taping ofcourse.

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