Cafe | May 31, 2018

For the love of

A dream tattoo for every music lover, this tattoo of a music note is the go-to choice. It can be further modified and added on to in the future.

The foodies would love to get a tattoo of their favorite food, be it a burger, a pizza or something as desi as a vada, you have a number of options (and cuisines) to choose from. If you decide to have a feast (of tattoos) later, just add a few more to the platter on your body.

This one’s for the Origami lovers out there. Since we can’t always keep a model we made, here’s something to proclaim our love for the art.

For those who love rain more than their lives and never leave an opportunity to get poetic about it, this tattoo does all the talking.

This one’s for all those who love the sea and would love to spend every waking moment in its company. Since we all have jobs to do for a living, spending a lifetime by the sea is next to impossible. The solution lies in bringing the sea to you and that’s exactly what this tattoo does.