Flowers in December

Flowers in December

Tropical and floral prints have been around for many seasons, and yet, we’re not bored. The reason is that flowers and tropical prints keep renewing seasonally. Not only are the prints becoming more abstract, but textures and fabrics are ever-changing. 

We’re loving the merge of art and floral, resulting in a new genre of floral. We like to call it hallucinatory floret. It’s a very psychedelic take on florals this season. There are splashes of colour, floral-inspired stripes, and dark overlays of large and small tropical prints. 

Not only are we seeing spills of flowers, but entire landscapes views of sunsets and countrysides printed on evening gowns and dresses. There is handmade origami embroidered work on sheer fabrics too. The dark offset of florals this December season is what makes this trend widely famous.

Look 1: The Turkish Dark Romance

Paired with the right accessories, this trend can last throughout the winter and spring seasons. It’s the idea of the Turkish dark romance with muted mustard yellow and royal blue.

Look 2: The Enchantress

This look is more of an enchanted theme of moonlit forests, glowing flowers, and magic.

Look 3: Wildlife

With psychedelia as a trend, it only made sense for florals to be a part of the mix. Here’s a look at how you can recreate the look using mixtures of fabrics and prints.

Look 4: Allover Floral

Florals are meant to be mixed and matched, but as the print reigns in the upcoming seasons, we’re allowed to play print on print with florals, varying in texture.

Look 5: B&W

As black and white are trending this upcoming season, finding prints in B&W and pairing with complimentary prints and styles like the Cowboy look is an interesting illusion. Corsets are also trending this season, so pairing a belted corset with an oversized ensemble will look stylish.

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