Fashion over 50: J.Lo and Nicole Kidman are doing it right

Fashion over 50: J.Lo and Nicole Kidman are doing it right

Hollywood’s hotties are looking hotter than ever! With so much public appearance, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman are on everyone’s watch list and for good reason. JLo is celebrating her one year anniversary with Alex Rodriguez and TikTok’s Flip the Switch challenge. She’s also busy working with Coach, all the while keeping it hood. Nicole Kidman has stepped back into the limelight from the controversial Bombshell movie, supporting the voice of the #MeToo movement. Other than that, Kidman’s mostly celebrating her love with husband Keith Urban, making it deeply romantic and nostalgic. 

With these two powerful women in headlines today, we want to particularly commend them for their unique over-50 style. Not that age really matters here, but many women find it difficult to dress appropriately for their age. JLo and Kidman are somehow doing it right however, both with different looks and styles. Kidman shows us the trendiest dresses for women with the latest dress design for ladies over 50. New fashion trends have emerged from these powerful women setting an example for older women. The latest fashion for women over 50 are sheath dresses, a cinched waist, a fit body, and lengths below the thigh. The latest dress design for women allows imperfections to be hidden while keeping the focus around a smaller waist.

Look 1: It starts with good skin

JLo and Nicole Kidman are known for their stunningly youthful skin. We’ll show you what they’re using. JLo uses Lancer’s Retexturing Treatment Cream with Glycolic Acid for her skin and L'Oréal Paris True Match Liquid Glow Illuminator for that added youthful glow. All the products below is what JLo has backstage on a quick call.

Look 2: Keep your hair looking youthful

Vibrant colour, volume, and healthy hair also keep older women look fresher. Nicole Kidman uses the Kérastase Discipline Curl Ideal Oleo Curl Cream to enhance her natural curls.

Look 3: Great workouts for moms on the go

Good workouts start with a good diet. Kidman says she eats almost everything but in moderation. She enjoys seafood. JLo swears by adequate water intake, fresh salad and veggies, nuts, and fruits. And yes, don’t miss the fish or grilled chicken either! Here are JLo’s top workout essentials you need at home!

Look 4: Dress for your body - Jennifer Lopez

Cinch the waist and flaunt those curves!

Look 5: Dress for your body - Nicole Kidman

Cinch the waist and keep volume where you need it most. If you have smaller boobs and hips, create an illusion of volume around those areas, and cinching the waist will give the appearance of an hourglass figure.