Cafe | November 07, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Crystal Healing

We’re not talking about witchcraft here, but herbs, flowers, and crystals do have, surprisingly, healing properties.

Although many people do not believe crystals have healing powers, they do contain energy.

Crystals tend to work with energy because they’ve been around since the beginning of the earth. They are otherworldly rocks that seem to have a connection with other planets in our solar system. But they are found on earth.

Historians like Albert Einstein and IBM scientist Marcel Vogel agree crystals can store vibrations thus leading to energy storage.

The idea of crystal healing is the removal of negative energy. Instead, they store positive energy and omit the bad.

Crystals can also help you concentrate. It’s all about the mechanism of how they are made. Let’s check out some of the more popular and easily accessible crystals to start your healing process.

The Quartz crystal is known to the Japanese for perseverance, purity, and patience. Quartz crystals have taken eons of time to form, creating the perfect crystalline

The citrine crystal can help clear your mind, resulting in clarity. The colour and power of this crystal can channel positive vibrations from sunlight.

Carnelian is known to get creativity up and running.

Amethyst is known to relieve stress and bring tranquility to your life.

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Moonstone brings balance of self. Much like the name, the moonstone resembles the moon, bringing powerful moonlight energy to soothe you.

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Much like the name suggests, rose quartz can bring love and innocence.

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