Fashion | July 24, 2019

Cargo Pants Are Cool Again

Cargo Pants

Most certainly we may have rocked a pair of army pants with pride back in 2004 (with flip-flops, of course, but our fashion sense has come a long way since then. Yet it seems like utility chic is officially back in vogue, seeing as cargo pockets, D-ring belts and baggy silhouettes made multiple appearances on the spring 2019 runways.

These aren’t the same cargo shorts that your dad rocks all summer long, we promise. The new, celeb-approved version of the trend is much sleeker and more tailored than its compartment-laden predecessor.

Fashion has a funny way of being cyclical. Every couple decades, a trend resurfaces—it’s first adopted by fashion designers and sartorial risk-takers, then it trickles down to fast-fashion retailers and, you know, the rest of us. (I mean, did you ever think you’d wear kitten heelsfanny packs or mom jeans again?)

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