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Best products to buy for hyperpigmentation

When the skin produces more melanin, it creates patches on some areas of the skin that appears darker than the surrounding tone of the skin. And when that happens, you know it’s time for your original skin tone to be restored. That is when anti-pigmentation or de-pigmentation cream come to the rescue. Here are our favourite products that are effective and budget-friendly as well.

Consisting of Ayurvedic herbs, pure whole cream cow's ghee, sweet almond oil, virgin coconut oil and kokum butter, this product helps in lightening the skin.

This fast-absorbing night cream removes resistant spots, tanning and pigmentation marks. It consists of highly potent actives like Azelaic acid and Phytic acid which are proven to help reduce spots.

This cream helps minimise pigmentation marks and clear blemishes. It also helps improve skin clarity and reduces the appearance of discolouration.

The O3+ Whitening Face Emulsion is enriched with anti-oxidants and hydrating properties that help in improving the skin tone and minimising pigmentation.

This pigmentation removal moisturising and repairing night cream provides a more even toned complexion and clarifies at the root, while repairing damaged skin.

The anti-pigmentation glossy pack helps decrease pigmentation spots from the skin.

This product effectively lightens blemishes and pigmentation and restores skin glow and lustre. It contains papaya and saffron extract, aloe vera gel and glycerin.

Packed with ingredients like organic daisy flower and mulberry extract with lavender oil, the product reduces the appearance of blemishes, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

This de-pigmentation pack is blended with the juices of pineapple, tomato, lemon and papaya fruit that helps skin reclaims its soft and smooth texture.

This pigmentation cream helps fade pigmentation, spots and tan. It is formulated with high potency active to reduce melanin and provide even colour to skin.

The NutriGlow Anti-Pigmentation and Blemishes Exfoliator prevent the appearance of discolouration, leaving skin fresh and even toned. It also prevents black heads and and provides hydration balance.

This one contains the perfect blend of essential aromatherapy oils that helps unclog pores attacks the root causes of blemishes, as well as tones the skin. This leaves you with a clean, clear smooth complexion.

The VLCC De-Pigmentation Night Cream is good for all skin types and contains sandalwood and aloe vera that lightens the skin, dark spots and reduces pigmentation.

The Bio−Oil contains vitamin A‚ vitamin E‚ calendula oil‚ lavender oil‚ rosemary oil‚ chamomile oil and purcellin oil, all of which helps reduce pigmentation.

The cream consists of a blend of black currant seed oil, bearberry and rosemary leaf extract and red guava, all of which helps in giving a radiant skin.

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