Poptrends | February 12, 2019

Best in Denim 2019

Branded Jeans

Denim is in transmission this season. It’s come a long way from what it was, a rugged, utility fabric, to a canvas we can customise. Denim has become something far more personal to our individual characteristics and personality. While denim fluctuates seasonally, we do some variations in cut and colour.

So what can you expect denim to look like this season?

1. Gunmetal

Gunmetal colours are very Mad Max and super masculine. It’s the right mix of badass and utilitarian, not to mention very versatile to fit almost anyone with the audacity to pull it off. Try cropped jeans with a slim fit with blacks, silvers, and mesh for a rocker chic look. Gunmetal jeans are great with various bleached designs.

2. Oversized straight cuts

We’re not looking at just your average straight cut jeans this season! It’s more of a boyfriend fit with a high-rise. It’s very 90’s dad inspired and can be worn with any outfit. Inspired from a vintage NY street, we’re picturing Chinatown after sunset. The look is very urban retro with a touch of la mode.

3. Hemming

Attention to hem details is a great way to add minimal glam to your look. Paired with the right footwear, a hem that stands out on a cropped jean can look uniquely stunning. We’re seeing hem details on jeans, jackets, and skirts.

4. Embroidered and Bolted

Embroidery is a great way to add femininity to your denim. With many custom patchwork and appliques, creating a customised design to your denim can add personality to any look. Denim is a staple in every country and personalizing your artwork is the latest trend.

5. Side stripes and detailing

Ever since Kylie Jenner was seen wearing side stripe joggers and the whole athleisure look, we can’t help but incorporate the side stripes into jeans. It only made sense. Jeans are versatile, so adding an athletic look to denim lets you dress your look up or down. Matching the colour of your stripes to another accessory in your outfit ties the whole look together.

6. Bleach

Bleached denims will be this season’s biggest trend. Bleached denims are customisable to suit anyone. Everything from bleached blotches to embellished denim, this updated denim trend keeps the rugged, distressed look going this season. Balmain SS19 shows us how functional the look can be.

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