Cafe | March 15, 2019

Behavioral problems that might be pushing people away from you

We all have behavioral problems that are damaging in some way or the other. There’s always some reason seeing which people pull them off from us. But the real question is: Is it just occasional mood swings or has it turned into a habit? Such sort of behavior could happen due to some past incident or depression, social anxiety or just because you are arrogant.

While the exact cause can only be stated by a therapist, it’s always good to find the reasons yourself. After all, a little self-help is always good. And we are glad to tell you since you are already reading this, you have already begun your first step towards self-improvement.

Now we come to our next questions, what exactly classifies as a toxic behavior? How do you know that because of that people are leaving you? Well, ask yourself if you are unhappy in all your relationships – romantic or friendly? If you are constantly unhappy in all your past and present relationships, there may not be any problem with the other person but it could be you, who is consciously or unconsciously pushing everyone away.  Check out if you can relate any of these pointers below.

If someone is making an effort to be physically there with you then you should focus all your attention on that person and not constantly peek on your phone. You may not notice but the other person may already be pissed off with you.

When someone is saying something important, instead of listening patiently, do you interrupt? If you don’t let the other person finish and put in your viewpoints instead that just means the other person holds no value to you and only your input is most important.

Acting like you are the only one on Earth with 1001 problems and the other person’s problem is invalid. Nobody loves a constant moaner.

Envy is among the top behavioral problems that can set people off. Instead of constant jealousy, you ought to help others. If not, you can at least do your own task and not poke others. Others will not want to be part of your life because of your consistent competition.

Try to remember that it's not always about you. If you're an overly sensitive person, do not take everything personally.

Playing the victim in every possible situation is one of the worst attitudes one can have. Everybody loves a fighter.

Getting upset or arguing over small and avoidable issues, constantly nagging someone will only push them away.

The issue with needing constant validation is that you just rely more on people to approve you, to such an extent sometimes that you ask for their approval even for the little things. This is proof of your low self-esteem and others constantly needing to intervene for every little thing is annoying.

We aren’t perfect but what counts is that whether we are working towards our betterment or not. It’s always good to acknowledge your flaws and have the strength to accept criticism. It’s not only about pushing others away but becoming a better version of you.