Fashion | September 11, 2018

Almond Buff

fashion color trends report

Our colour stories this season are amany. With so many wonderful colours to pick from, we can’t just settle for one. Whether you mix and match , or you go all neutral, colour is necessary for this season’s trend forecast.

Pantone agrees neutrals and nudes are important for fashion this year. What if colour wasn’t your thing? This season, Pantone and designers across the globe believe romance played a huge part in fashion this year.

Here’s a look at some of the prettiest colours to look out for when shopping for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.



1. Mellow Rose

2. Meerkat

3. Almond Buff

4. Quiet Gray

5. Tofu

The colour we’re looking at is Almond Buff. One of the more promising colours of the season, designers like ACNE Studios BOSS shows us how to simplify and upgrade the new beige.

So what can we expect from SS19 next year? Tons of sheer beiges, skin tones, and fluidity. Layering will also be huge. Layer your skirt with tights, vests over shirts, and cut back to simpler cuts and sharper silhouettes.

Try tints and shades of the Almond Buff. play with textures for this one. The softer the colour, the softer the fabric will be. Almond Buff is a colour you can mix and match with any neutral shade. But paired together as shown below, your look is far more post-modern chic.

These block heeled boots are extremely chic with its tapered design and solid substructure. Pair these boots with skirts for the straight off the street look. Layer beiges and sheer shades of beige for the couture look.

With a colour as simple as beige, sheerness and texture is the only way to play around with a colour so minimalist. Try a crushed beige trenchcoat with a chiffon sheer beige wide legged pant for an edgy look.

A knit beige sweater is a must-have for the colder climates. It’s both nostalgically reminiscent of November rains while being effortlessly chic. Pair with matching beige pants.

Flowy and anything fluid is what this season is all about. Layer with nudes and skin tones for an effortless look.

Another great example of texture play. Pair this camel sweater with velvet pants for a warm and cozy look. Try an oversized handbag just to keep your aesthetic cool and crisp.

This gorgeous beige suede dress is meant to be minimalist and rustic. It’s clean, refined and can we played up or down. It’s a very 60’s inspired look, pair with sandals, boots, and a matching bag.

If you want to be ahead in the fashion world, you will need to mix and match your looks with accessories and a statement earring. Pair your oversized shirts and pants with this beige stone earring.

A true comfort blanket sweater will come in handy when you’re pairing an all beige look together. Pair this sweater with sheer beige button tops and beige trousers.

Finally, we have bags and plastics to make up and complete the beige look. Pair with a cute flowy dress and minimal gold jewelry.

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