Beauty | April 24, 2019

7 Nude lipsticks for gorgeous Indian skin

In the world of reds and pinks, this sudden trend of #nomakeup has swept us off our feet globally. So let’s get one thing straight - achieving the no makeup  look isn’t as easy as it sounds. Getting that perfect shade of nude (yes that’s a thing) is difficult, especially since nudes vary for different skin tones.

When it comes to picking a nude shade that suits your skin, the beauty market tends to generalize the color and club it as one. However, each nude has a tinge of either brown or pink that adds a touch of color to your lips. It adds a barely there effect to it.

So how do you choose one that suits you? The key is to pick a color that is a notch darker, just so the nude stands out, rather than giving an ashy, burn out effect.

Scroll down to check out the perfect nude lip colors that suit the spectrum of Indian skin tones. There is one for everyone.

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