7 Jennifer Aniston's Outfits We’d totally Wear

7  Jennifer Aniston's Outfits We’d totally Wear

We are pretty certain that that by now you've got every single episode of Friends memorized and the same goes for every single outfit Rachel Green ever wore on the show. As her outfits hit all the coolest 1990s trends – turtlenecks,  cropped sweaters, cow print, slip dresses.

It’s no surprise that her outfits are as relevant as ever. Her looks were so good, in fact, that you've probably already seen some of her wardrobe staples this past season if you haven't worn them already yourself. Although she had an undeniable penchant for LBD’s her wardrobe was more than simple LBD. 

So to help you on your lifelong quest to copy the wardrobe of Rachel Green, we've gathered all of her best outfits from the show – and where you can shop them now.

Monochrome Suit Seperates

Clearly a girl after our own hearts, Rachel knows a good pant suit when she sees it.

Flirty Slip Dress

 It's hard to believe it was taken in 1999 because Rachel's entire look – from her slip dress to her t-shirt tucked underneath – is trending hard right now.

Turtleneck and Plaid

A plaid skirt aint just for school uniforms but if you are trying to copy Rachel , pick a fitted sweater

Denim Overalls

Denim overall are a 1990s classic, just like Friends. Throw on a tee like Rachel to complete the look.

Sheer Dresses

Not sure what I love more? Rachael’s sheer dress or her poker straight hair

Relaxed Normcore

Athleisure has already taken over your Insta feed, but let's not forget who did it first

That Yellow Dress

 Rachel didn't just do the LBD—she opted for an elegant yellow tube dress too.

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