7 Celebrity Jean Outfit That Are Worth Replicating

7 Celebrity Jean Outfit That Are Worth Replicating

What could be better than celebrity outfits that are not only modish but also easy to recreate? Jeans are such a staple item that every now and then we forget just how fashionable they can be. Although they work flawlessly on lazy days with a T-shirt and sneakers, they can also create a seriously stylish look with tad bit of effort. Ofcourse we are here to unlock the full fashion potential of your favourite denim designs, look no further than the world’s top celebrities like Hailey bieber, Kaia Gerber and Jennifer Lawrence for some street style inspiration. These chic ladies are always in the limelight and know how to make the most out of a simple pair of skinnies or boyfriends. Follow their lead, and you are going to look at your drawer in a totally new light. Keep scrolling as we decode the looks:

Look # 1 Emily Ratajkowski

This look is what I intend to wear throughtout fall.  Belted Blazer, Jeans and Ankle Boots sign me up.

Look # 2 Katie Holmes

This styling trick of sneakily layering a turtleneck under lets you wear your favorite white blouse well into fall.

Look # 3 Rihanna

Pair an on-trend layered-knit situation with blue jeans and similar mules to get a look that’s unbelievably Chic.

Look # 4 Hailey Bieber

Camel coats is here to stay and so is Hailey Bieber's coat-tee-jeans-and-sneakers combo.

Look # 5 Jennifer Lopez

When in doubt, Throw on every blue item you own with your favorite blue jeans, and you have a J.Lo-approved outfit.

Look # 6 Kaia Gerber

Jeans, boots, tank and a trench? We are so here for it!


Look # 7 Jennifer Lawrence

Whether or not crop top is your thing , you can pull off this  cool look by simply pairing a tee (of any length) with a blazer, black jeans, and high black boots.