5 Must-try Athleisure brands in India

5 Must-try Athleisure brands in India

Athleisure is booming in the Indian market, with options that range from yoga leggings to harem pants. The workout wear in a healthier India is more approachable and fashionable, stylish and very trendy for women and men of all ages. The latest styles in exercise clothing and running gear are seamless lines, body-contouring technology and sweat-wicking smart fabrics. 

Especially for chubby or fat girls, athleisure has always portrayed a positive impact on fashion and promoting exercise, and not just for the gym. Especially for office wear, business casuals have become the new athleisure. Bralettes and tops are simple and neutral in colour and design, making it super sleek when paired with heels. 

The look is relaxed, effortless and inviting. Not only is it comfortable, but athleisure fashion can be worn with regular shirts, tops, leggings and jackets. Athletic sneakers like Sketchers or Nike and Adidas worn with basic dresses are also comfortable and convenient. Let’s take a look at the latest styles in activewear for everyday dressing.

Look 1: Peace and Calm

The word Satva means peace and calm in Sanskrit. Satva is a pure and sustainable activewear brand that specialises in organic cotton garments.

Look 2: Versatile Wardrobe Essentials

Kica Activewear is known for its form-enhancing fabric. Designs and seams are fluid, flexible to contour any body shape. They believe in stretching boundaries, breaking resistance, and defining new goals.

Look 3: Performance and lifestyle

Proyog is a yoga brand from India that specialises in real yoga clothing to enhance performance and focus. Proyog is made naturally breathable with no synthetic or polyester materials that may hinder your meditation and focus.

Look 4: Technical and Fashion Forward

Silvertraq Active Wear is a brand that specialises in high-performance activewear. They feature sweat-wicking, anti-odour,  breathable fabrics to help you perform better.

Look 5: Switch to Bamboo

Bamboo Tribe uses less water, has no pesticides, protects the earth’s soil, and absorbs more co2. Bamboo is easily grown and can be used anywhere in any industry.

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