5 Items Every Minimalist Must Have

5 Items Every Minimalist Must Have

Minimalism is one of those things that seems very simple but can be little difficult to pull off. It requires more efforts than you think. However there are five keys staples that serves as the ultimate foundation to a minimalist wardrobe. They are sharp, clean and so easy to wear.

The flexibility simples oozes out and they are timeless but there are certain rules one must keep in mind when it comes to shopping for these classic or “minimal” pieces of clothing.

First up- Color Palette

Most minimalist wardrobes are rooted in neutral colors like beige, brown, white, black, grey and navy. They can be worn in any sort of color combination and these natural shades always match.

Second- keep it Clean

Look for silhouettes that are classic and simple. The more uncomplicated the item is , the easier it will be to wear maximum longevity in your wardrobe

Third- Fit

It’s so crucial when it comes to mastering the minimalistic look. The more an item looks and feels fit to your frame, the more impact you will see as a result

Ahead discover the five key pieces that make for a chic minimalist wardrobe

The Minimalist Must Have- A Slip Dress

What’s a minimalist’s go-to dress? Its undoubtedly the slip dress. Whether worn its own, beneath a blazer, or under a knit, this liquid-y chic dress always looks elevated. Even with sneakers!

The Minimalist Must Have- Jeans

A minimalist's jean is one that can be worn to the office or an event and still appear perfectly polished.

The Minimalist Must Have- Sweater

Sweaters are to minimalists what sneakers are to streetwear enthusiasts: an essential!

The Minimalist Must Have- Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt is a minimalist’s secret weapon. It looks achingly cool when half left half u tucked.

The Minimalist Must Have- Blazer

Blazers are an essential is any wardrobe, but when aiming for a minimalist look, a clean, classic, and possibly oversize style in a tan, beige, or brown shade is a must have