Cafe | April 08, 2019

30 and fabulous

Being single in your 30s is great except that at times it draws attention to certain unwanted questions. Especially when you are attending your cousin or a friend’s wedding and all the aunties in the room gather to ask the most important question of their life: “Why are you still single? When will you get married?” Like that is the end to all your troubles and theirs!

To add to the woes, by the time you reach your 30s, most of your friends will be married off. Some will even have children.  But what you need to understand is that there are women out there like you who are not ready for a family. And it’s okay.

While in your 30s, you will have a better perception of who you are than you were in your 20s. You also have a lot more confidence about making decisions in your life. Which means you will probably be clearer about what you want from your career as well. Being single will only help you lend more time and help you achieve your goal faster.

You will have more time to focus on your friends and family. Oftentimes, when people get into relationships, they start neglect other people who played an important role in their lives. But if you’re single, you will get the time to develop even stronger ties with them.

The best part: your home is only yours. You can decorate however you want with nobody to obstruct you.

As to Nicole Carl, a licensed professional counselor at Clarity Clinic in Chicago told Best Life, “Having the liberty to make decisions without having interference from a partner can lead you to making self-defining and spontaneous choices.”

As you grown older, you care less about what other people think. Learning to be happily single as you age isn't something that people think is possible, mostly because of the mindset that society has created. Hence, it is up to us as individuals and as grown-ups to clarify our perception and choose to see things differently.