Beauty | January 02, 2020

15 Greek Beauty Products that Will Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Don’t we just love our little fill of international beauty trends? 

Those gleaming crystal clear water, white buildings and steady sunshine is why I've been literally  day dreaming about visiting Greece for the longest time. But it's the natural beauty of the country's populace that evokes our curiosity about their much talked about skincare secrets. After hearing a lot about the ancient greek skincare rituals we took it upon ourselves to investigate. Little did we know we’d ultimately find an array of killer beauty products and our skincare regime in the process.

G-beauty is the latest in the swing of alphabet beauty trends like K beauty and J beauty. It is the latest and hottest skincare trend. While K-beauty is famous for its multistep system and J-beauty for simplifying your skincare essentials.  Think a lot of olive oil, avocado, and herbs like rosemary and sage. The result is very clean formulas that are ultra nourishing to sun-kissed skin and hair. Greek beauty on the other hand is all about clean beauty.

Ahead, the beauty products and practices straight from Greece that we're prepared to copy all year long.

The ingredients in this anti-aging oil read like the grocery list for a delicious Greek dinner: organic almond, olive, and sunflower oils (to provide moisture); lupine extract and grape oil (to plump fine lines); and sage essential oil (to tone skin). 

Those fine lines can be warded off by this popular elixir composed of anti-aging plant oils, peptides, vitamin E, and moisturizer

 It helps to minimise pores, reduces excess oil secretion keeping skin squeaky clean.

O3+ Plunge Greek yogurt cleansing milk instantly removes dirt and superficial tan from the surface of the skin while deep cleansing the skin from within. It instantly brightens, softens and smoothens all skin types and acts as a wonderful makeup remover.

 There are antioxidant serums, and then there's this, a golden fluid infused with antioxidant saffron, once known as the most expensive spice in the world. The protective power of the saffron—plus copper, peptides, and amino acids for a collagen and elastin boost—leaves skin fresh and glowing.

Sure, asses' milk doesn't sound like a very elegant skin-care plan, but keep in mind that Cleopatra allegedly bathed in the stuff for softer skin. This cream calms the skin and protects against environmental toxins as it softens.

It's blended with moisturizing olive oil, exfoliating loofah, and olive stones and molded into a nubby bar that massages the body to kick up circulation.

This tinted spot treatment has salicylic acid to clear up zits while it cover plus it contains peptides, antibacterial camellia, and shea butter to prevent dryness.

This après-sun lotion has organic olive oil and aloe vera, plus hydrating provitamin B5, allantoin, and soothing oat extract to help skin recover quickly.

Fizzing bath ball with detoxifying properties that releases a spicy cardamom scent. Suitable for all skin types.

Made with 85% natural ingredients (including propolis, nettle, and sage, which help balance the scalp's sebum production), this formula was designed to restore balance to finicky strands.

We're in love with this cream-gel, which is just as balancing as the name suggests.

If we visit Greece, definitely stop by the market to pick up some olive oil–based soap—it's a local staple. The rest of us will have to settle for ordering it online.

A gentle cleansing bar especially made for extremely sensitive skin. The most gentle bathing bar you can find.

Enriched with 100% Organic Chios Mastiha Oil, ensures in depth skin care and offers anti-ageing protection. It Fights the signs of aging, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and Provides skin elasticity.

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