Beauty | May 25, 2019

10 Summer Nail Colours That You Will Spot Everywhere

It’s time to leave your spring nail polish behind and embrace the bright hues of summer. Whether you’re looking for updated beige to match your nude lipstick or prefer to try the trendiest summer nail colours in neon, peachy shades or muted pastels, this list is you!

Not only does this feature a long-wear cream formulation, but the polishes also have a sweet scent. With shades like ‘hot fuzz’, ‘peach tease’, your nails are gonna be lit!

This muted pastel (popular for summer 2019) delivers the gloss and lasting power of a gel manicure, but without the hefty price tag. The powder blue colour features tiny shimmers, that make your nails glisten in the sun.

Ditch the yellow neon polish (that was so last year) and get with the lilac. This colour packs a punch and looks especially vibrant on darker skin tones.

Made to last longer than a regular polish, this mauve colour is a nice alternative to your typical nude.

Make a bold statement when you flash this gold shimmer on your nails.

This opaque, dark crème with subtle magenta sheen will look different depending on how the light reacts with the polished nails.

Not a fan of the trendy neons? Instead, opt for a cool lavender tone.

Go all out with this streak-free and fast-drying nail polish.

The cool creamy neutral will flatter all skin tones

Inspired by a coconut-flavoured jelly bean, this quick dry polish is timeless.