Poptrends | April 10, 2019

Pop Colour: The Glow-rious Neon


Millenial pink and Gen Z yellow, you are so OVER. There is a new color trend doing the rounds - NEON GREEN. Trust me, when you enter the room with this highlighter hue (basically as a Human highlighter), literally no one will miss you passing by.

If the kardashian and Jenner girls aren’t enough to convince you of this look-at-me- green shade, there is a plethora of other evidence of it making itself seen and heard from the runways.The vivid hue is just as loud as bold print  and it takes the phrase “glow up” to a whole new level.

Here’ s some inspiration for those who want to test the waters and ease the trend into their wardrobe one neon-y piece at a time.

Ease into the trend with accents of contrast

 1. Jeans with Neon Stripes

Accessorise Accessorise Accessorise

 1. Neon Earrings 



Give your outfit a dash of neon

 1. Neon Co-ords

If you are taking a much need tropical Vacay

 1. Neon Lime Bandeau with High Waist Bikini 

 2. Hunkemoller Swimsuit with Logo Print 

 3. Neon Orange Triangle Top with Tanka Bikini Set

To turn those heads at the gym

 1. Neon Tank

3. Neon Leggings

We are totally ready to live our new life as a walking highlighter!

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