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21 floral dresses that are *actually* groundbreaking

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What is summer without the bright shining sun and the sultry weather? But most of all, what is summer without vibrant floral dresses? Donning gorgeous florals feel like an almost ritualistic celebration of the most anticipated season.  Floral dresses are a hallmark of summer, giving our wardrobes that fresh new feeling.

They vary from  graphic florals to traditional florals to mod florals.  In terms of print, there are maximalist and minimalist takes on floral dresses. And the best part; there  is no ‘one’ right way to don a floral dress in the summer, so ladies, keep mixing and matching. Available in many aesthetically pleasing designs and soothing colour palettes, Floral dresses offer us more than just 1 reason to get our summer style on. So, what is it that we are waiting for? Ladies, let’s get our floral on

1. I will take a dainty floral with a bit of ruching, please!

2. Who said florals can’t be monochromatic?

3. A maxi that takes you from the beach to an ocean-front dinner

6. Bring on the mini dresses

7. A floral fit for the lover of all-black

9. Just enough flowers to qualify as floral

11. The perfect floral dress for all the semi formal events on your calendar

13. A maxi shirt dress that keeps you stylish from season to season

15. Trendy tropical prints get that sophisticated touch

16. Floral doesn’t have to mean flowers all over, does it?

18. A not-so-obvious floral for the not-so-floral obsessed shopper

19. Brb, buying this and gonna wear it everyday

20. A floral design, without being overly feminine

21. Give the slip dress trend the floral treatment

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