Beauty | April 19, 2019

15 Natural beauty products you are going to love long after Earth day


Ok we get it: Earth day isn’t all that glam. Enlightening? Yes. Imperative? Hell yes. But cool, exciting, holy-wow glamorous? Not so much. Until, of course you stumbled upon this article. Because the indie products on this carefully curated list aren’t just eco-friendly, nontoxic and natural, - they also work insanely well, feel wonderful and are filled with valuable ingredients found in our environment. And the best of all, they will have you thinking about the environment long after April 22 (ahem, Earth day) has come and gone.

We have curated a list to help you with your natural beauty shopping, whether it’s for yourself or if you want to get a head start on your Mother’s Day gift. It’s time for a bit of pampering!

1. This soap is filled with essential oils from all over the world which gives you a silky smooth bath, uplifting mood and sense.

2. India’s first breathable nail color range which helps your nails stay hydrated and beautiful.

3. It is perfect for wearing everyday without looking gaudy. Its natural vanilla fragrance takes you to a different world. Show the world, your pucker lady.

4. Has your mane started becoming thin? This shampoo bar will help with boosting volume and making your roots long and strong. Plus the bar of shampoo is made from a lovely blend of  amla, reetha, hibiscus and rice bran oil.

6. It’s time to get our skin ready for summer dresses and flowy skirts and what better way to do so than with a scrub that cleanses  and leaves you feeling soft, smooth and radiant.

7. Get those elbows and feet ready for action with this hydrating shea butter cream

8. Depending on what your skin is craving, you can find solutions with wide range of offerings that will leave your face hydrated, soothed, soft and smooth.

9. This balm- like weightless texture is meticulously created using oils and clays with healing properties, mixed with mineral colour giving  the skin an out of the ordinary glow.

10. Reduce those pesky eyes with this affordable eye cream.

11. This ultra smooth eyeliner will just glide through your eyelids

12. If you want an all-natural lipstick that mimics your favorite non organic tube, try an eco bella flower colour. It’s created with a simple healthy formula of vegetable waxes, oils and mineral pigmentation and has creamy application that wont feather out. The lipsticks are gluten-free and vegan.

13. Nothing says summer like this burst of bold scents like grapefruit, white patchouli, sugar notes and geranium-al inspired by the festival colors of Nepal.

14. This toner will not only soothe and tone your skin but will also hydrate it as well for a balanced, irritation- free complexion. It doesn’t hurt that it smells heavenly since its made from rose petals.

15. A moisturizing serum with organic jeju green and its seeds that hydrate your skin from deep within.

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